Mr. Tom W. Williams, Sr.
Mr. Tom W. Williams, Sr.

Williams Service Funeral Home, Inc. , was the brainchild of Mr. Tom W. Williams, Sr. Mr. Williams began his career in the funeral business at a local Tuscaloosa, Alabama funeral home in 1939. His tenure in the Pacific during World War II took him away from his job for a few years, but once his tour of duty ended, his former supervisor welcomed him to resume his previous duties at the funeral home.
After many years of gaining experience in the funeral business under someone else's tutelage, Mr. Williams decided to enter the world of management. In partnership with two other gentlemen, now deceased, Mr. Williams founded Community Service Funeral Home in 1963.

Mr. Williams displayed a truly independent spirit in 1965, when he founded Williams Service Funeral Home, Inc. This was the culmination of all his years of experience. The business was located on 2633 - 18th Street in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Williams Service Funeral Home, Inc., relocated in 1974, to 7417 Culver Rd (U.S. Highway 11, Old Eutaw Highway) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mr. Williams  accumulated more than 65 years of experience in the funeral service industry. He served the West and Central Alabama counties as owner and operator of his business for over 50 years. Current management duties are being shared with Mrs. Emma M. Williams, and Mr. Tom W. Williams, Jr. Until the time of his death, Mr. Williams maintained a voice in the decision-making process, guiding the business into the 21st Century.

On February 8, 2010, Mr. Tom W. Williams, Sr., passed from this life.